A Soft Birth

A Soft Birth

The phases of birth

von: Christian Dittrich-Opitz, Jens Inti Habermann, Nadja Reichardt

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Verlag: Reichardt Medien Audio
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Veröffentl.: 13.04.2021
ISBN/EAN: 4064066966492
Sprache: englisch

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Christian Dittrich-Opitz describes the phases of birth as a natural process - far away from medicaments and mechanic machines.
The trauma of birth can and should be reduced by a tender communication between mother and child.
In order to enable an understandable impression, you are introduced into the ties between physical experience and psychological development.
The author considers this chance to create your natural process of birth as a fundamental event and mental adventure. Your further life will be led in a prospective and positive manner, in a sensitive and vivid way. Paths and alternative hints are shown, so that your newcomer will find a mild entrance towards well-being. (Übersetzung: Ellen Felicitas Reichardt)
Christian Dittrich Opitz was born in 1970, Berlin. Early in his youth, he dedicated himself in natural sciences. In academic circles, he got a large reputation as a brain-researcher and nutrition-expert, and he wrote several publications as "Learning Like A Genius", "Liberated Nutrition",
and "Free Breathing". He offers training-programs of bioelectric health. In his mind, everything depends on a free life-energy echoing with the process of birth und supporting the feelings of a growing mother. (Übersetzung: Ellen Felicitas Reichardt)

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