Digital Mindset Revolution as a Basis for Future-Oriented Competence Development at Coca-Cola Europacific Partners

Digital Mindset Revolution as a Basis for Future-Oriented Competence Development at Coca-Cola Europacific Partners

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von: Caroline Heide, Anna Simon, Philipp Ramin

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by Caroline Heide (P&C Digital Innovation Lead) and Anna Simon (Referent Capability Development People & Culture, both: Coca Cola Europacific Partners)<br />from the handbook Digital Competence and Future Skills<br /><br />In many industries - and not just due to Covid - digital competencies are now fundamental capabilities. That includes also the company, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners. In the beginning, going through a change was extremely difficult. Every failure was taken as an opportunity to push back the digital projects and needed competencies: the world was not ready yet. However, this is changing in the wake of the Corona pandemic. <br /><br />This article addresses important questions related to this ongoing transformation: how can Coca-Cola remain competitive and keep up with progress, as well as ensure that this change is as humane and cost-effective as possible? Companies, just like governments and institutions, are accountable for developing concepts for retraining employees and securing jobs, not least to prevent damaging the overall financial health of an economy. Going along with the transition is not enough. We must find ways to make the transformation people-centric. How can we train people in a targeted manner and develop them for the future? Do mindsets and change programs play any role here? Perhaps this can be incorporated into the existing work rhythm, or should it be? <br /><br />The handbook Digital Competence and Future Skills provides comprehensive insight into the future of competencies and learning and the transformation of business. For the first time, leading companies from a wide range of industries around the world provide concrete insights into their comprehensive approaches to transformation, competence management, culture change, and learning and development. In addition, leading scientists and institutions use the latest research findings to assess where we are today and what is to come in the future.<br /><br />#digicompetencebook<br />#digikompetenzbuch<br />#digikompetenzpodcast<br />
Caroline Heide is a future-forward thinker who is not afraid to challenge the status quo. She is graduated from the Technical University Berlin in Industrial & Network Economics. She is a keynote speaker for digital topics, has an open, ethical mindset, and loves change. She has been working at Coca- Cola European Partners for 6 years. Having started off as a working student, she quickly realized: the working world is not ready for the future yet. That’s why she started in a special innovation role and drives the topics of Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation for the People & Culture area. <br /><br />As P&C Digital Innovation Lead she is leading a team of smart people focused on disruptive innovations within People & Culture. She knows: It is impossible to reach any level of success if you don’t allow yourself to fail. That’s why she is constantly pushing to talk about failures in all her digital projects and teams. She also focusing on all kinds of tech and trend-related topics and how the future might look from a technical and ethical standpoint. Additionally, she started a blog,, to inspire others to be brave and think about technology ethically.<br />Anna Simon is Referent capability development and has been pursuing the securing of the necessary competencies within the Coca-Cola Europacific Partners GmbH from different perspectives since 2015. In the area of learning & development, qualification initiatives and continuous training measures drive the development of employees in the supply chain. In the field of Campus Marketing, she follows the securing of fresh impulses by young heads through events for students. Her own development in the company started with a training as Event Management Assistant. While working, she completed her distance learning in Educational Science at the FernUniversität in Hagen.<br /><br />In combination with professional experience in the areas of human resources marketing and learning & development, the own educational path enables her to reflect on the needs of each target group. In addition to the strategic conceptual work, working with the human being as a trainer is her passion. She knows: A future-oriented development of competencies is based on the transfer of internal knowledge through a variety of approaches. With a 360-degree view, she creates an open mindset for lifelong learning and inspires others to share the own experiences.<br />Dr. Philipp Ramin is a leading expert on digital transformation and future skills. With his company the Innovation Center for Industry 4.0 in Regensburg, Germany, which he founded whilst completing his Ph.D. on the topic of discontinuous innovation and digital business models, he trains more than 200,000 employees in 9 languages for leading companies from a wide range of industrial, business and financial sectors in more than 14 countries worldwide and has prepared a number of internationally recognized studies, for example on digitalization, artificial intelligence, digital competence. The Innovation Center for Industry 4.0 team, which was also instrumental in realizing this book, develops individual qualification solutions in the area of digitalization and Industry 4.0 for leading companies worldwide, including complete continuing education curricula and learning strategies as well as AR/VR solutions or complete digital online learning systems and competence management programs.<br />In 2022, together with one of his clients in the automotive sector, Philipp Ramin’s company was awarded the recognized "Project of the Year" eLearning Award for Instructional Design by Germany’s leading publisher in this field, elearning Journal for a state-of-the art digital competence upskilling program with high acceptance, artificial intelligence supported gamification elements and proven and measured acceleration of the transformation process.