Goliath's Revenge

Goliath's Revenge

How Established Companies Turn the Tables on Digital Disruptors
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von: Todd Hewlin, Scott A. Snyder

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Verlag: Wiley
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Veröffentl.: 04.01.2019
ISBN/EAN: 9781119541905
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Harness your company’s incumbent advantages to win the digital disruption game Goliath’s Revenge is the practical guide for how executives and aspiring leaders of established companies can run the Silicon Valley playbook for themselves and capitalize on digital disruption. Technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics, internet of things, blockchain, and immersive experiences are changing the basis of competition in every industry. New competitors are emerging while traditional ones are falling behind. Periods of intense change provide remarkable opportunities. Goliath’s Revenge delivers an insider’s view of how industry leaders like General Motors, NASA, The Weather Channel, Hitachi, Mastercard, Proctor & Gamble, Penn Medicine, Discovery, and Cisco are accelerating innovation, building new skills, and disrupting themselves to come out stronger in this post-digital age. Learn how to leverage your company’s scale, reach, data, and expertise to launch breakthrough offerings that fend off attackers and secure your position as a future industry leader. Using real success cases and recommendations, this invaluable resource shows how to realign your business model, reset your talent development priorities, and retake market share lost to digital-ready competitors. Drawing from extensive experience in digital transformation, leadership development, and strategic planning, the authors show how established companies can switch from defense to offense to thrive in this new digital environment. Learn the six new rules that separate winners from losers in the age of digital disruption Prioritize your innovation investments to rebuild your competitive moat Employ smart cannibalization to defend your core business Deliver step-change customer outcomes to grow into adjacent markets Reframe your purpose and make talent the centerpiece of your digital innovation strategy Goliath’s Revenge is a must-read for business leaders and innovators in small, mid-sized, and large organizations trying to win the digital disruption game. This book helps you reset both your company strategy and professional development priorities for long-term success. 
Foreword ix Chapter 1 How Much Time Do You Have? 1 Chapter 2 The Incumbent’s Advantage 23 Chapter 3 Winner Takes Most 39 Chapter 4 Rule 1: Deliver Step-Change Customer Outcomes 61 Chapter 5 Rule 2: Pursue Big I and Little I Innovation 83 Chapter 6 Rule 3: Use Your Data as Currency 105 Chapter 7 Rule 4: Accelerate through Innovation Networks 127 Chapter 8 Rule 5: Value Talent over Technology 147 Chapter 9 Rule 6: Reframe Your Purpose 175 Chapter 10 Company View: Your Disruptor’s Playbook 199 Chapter 11 Career View: Disrupt Yourself 227 Appendix Goliath’s Revenge Rule Templates 249 About the Authors 259 Index 261
TODD HEWLIN is a Managing Director at TCG Advisors, the leading growth strategy firm in Silicon Valley, and a noted expert on digitization and business model innovation. He is co-author of Consumption Economics and B4B and a frequent speaker at major industry events. SCOTT SNYDER is a Partner at Heidrick Consulting and a recognized thought leader on digital transformation and innovation. Scott is a Senior Fellow at the Wharton School, founded three start-ups, and held leadership roles at GE, Lockheed Martin, and Venture firm Safeguard.
GROW YOUR COMPANY AND ACCELERATE YOUR CAREER IN UNCERTAIN TIMES The story of disruption in the digital era is almost mythical: the Silicon Valley whiz kids sweep in with agility and new ideas, attacking the established pecking order. In every industry, customer loyalty is up for grabs, long-term leaders are on the defensive, and yesterday's skills are no longer enough. But the story is changing. Goliath's Revenge describes how established businesses (and professionals with established careers) can stop focusing on the threat and start recognizing the unique advantages of their position. By following six new rules of innovation, you can reset your company's strategy—and your own career—to become a digital disruptor and carve out your future leadership position. Deliver market-shaping customer outcomes Balance top-down and bottom-up innovation Unlock the latent value in existing data assets Accelerate innovation through external networks Build the digital skills needed for lifetime employment Use your purpose to fuel disruptive opportunities Stop trying to mimic the disruptors and reclaim your rightful place at the top of the business hierarchy. These six rules will help you break out of the "me too" trap by identifying the strengths that are unique to you and your organization. Even in this age of digital disruption, established leaders already have the advantage. Goliath's Revenge will teach you how to use it.
Praise for Goliath's Revenge "Digitalization is causing all companies to rethink the value they deliver to customers and the skills they develop in their employees. Goliath's Revenge provides actionable best practices and detailed case examples for both." —TOSHIAKI HIGASHIHARA, CEO, Hitachi "Goliath's Revenge succeeds where most business books fall short by delivering the practical steps needed to transform your company to its new growth model for the digital future. Definitely worth a read." —DAVE YOST, former CEO, AmerisourceBergen and Board Director for Bank of America, Marsh & McLennan, and Johnson Controls "Digital disruption is now the norm, with the consumer in the driver seat. Goliath's Revenge can help leaders realize their digital ambitions." —JAN ZIJDERVELD, CEO, Avon "Goliath's Revenge goes beyond the stale doom and gloom stories of digital disruption to offer incumbents a playbook to craft their own journey and the confidence to invest in it." —JULIE ASK, Vice President and Principal Analyst, Forrester "Will your business be disrupted? Definitely. Do the disruptors have to be a small band of hackers in a garage? Definitely not. This book is full of practical tips for big companies to get a leg up on scrappy startups." —ADAM GRANT, New York Times Bestselling Author of Originals, Give and Take, and Option B with Sheryl Sandberg "An invaluable roadmap for shaping your career with specific helpful recommendations around the new skills and experiences required to prosper in the digital age." —MEHRDAD BAGHAI, New York Times and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author and Industry Professor, University of Technology Sydney "In the dizzying race toward digital transformation, companies face the daunting task of setting the right tone, vision, and path forward. Every global leader should read this with a keen eye." —SHANE TEDJARATI, President and CEO, Global High Growth Regions, Honeywell "Digital transformation requires companies to be leaders, not spectators. Goliath's Revenge shows how large enterprises are uniquely equipped to deliver step-change digital outcomes, and to do so at scale." —MIKE LAWRIE, CEO, DXC Technology

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