Gurdjieff's Transformational Psychology

Gurdjieff's Transformational Psychology

The Art of Compassionate Self-Study

von: Russell Schreiber

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Dr. Russell Schreiber, clinical psychologist, has worked with the Gurdjieff system of inner development for over forty years. He explains, in depth, how modern psychology and Gurdjieff's Work enrich each other. Dr. Schreiber explores Gurdjieff's methods within a psychological framework useful for beginner and advanced student. Current psychological theory relevant to enhance Gurdjieff's system is presented. Emphasized throughout the book is the gradual development of self-compassion as the foundation of self-study and inner evolution. Practical exercises are given to facilitate the ability to experientially apply self-study in an objective and compassionate manner.
Some areas covered include:
• Attention
• Self-observation
• Sensing
• Development of Inner Life
• Specific psychological traits as focus for self-study
• Transformation of Negative Emotions
• Advanced method of Participation
• Compassion & Self-Compassion
Dr. Schreiber is a practicing clinical psychologist in a community-based psychotherapy clinic in Northern California. As a staff psychologist, he supervises and trains psychologists and psychotherapists. He specializes in depth psychology and somatic psychotherapy. His recognition of the need for the development of self-compassion in his clients is emphasized in his clinical practice.

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