Land of My Sojourn

Land of My Sojourn

The Landscape of a Faith Lost and Found

von: Mike Cosper

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In the years since leaving local church ministry, I've devoted an enormous amount of time and resources to examining the church's often troubled witness, its ongoing crisis of leadership, and the epidemic of narcissism, abuse, and cover-up that has continued to emerge year after year. This book is about my journey both before and undergirding that work—the shattering of dreams and the grace that restored a broken faith in the aftermath. It's a story about grace leading me home when I thought all was lost.
Taken together, my encounters with Peter, Elijah, and Jesus connected to indelible images from my time in Israel and formed a new spiritual landscape in my mind, one with enough gravity to draw my feet back to solid ground. My hope is that as I tell this story you might find echoes of your own. I pray if you're in the wilderness, you might find that though the territory is a mystery, you are far from alone. Most of all, I pray that you rediscover that Jesus is chasing you like a lover . . . right through heaven's gates.
<p>Introduction: When Gravity Fails<br />
1. Mount Tabor: Light at the Summit <i>or</i> Glory at Mount Tabor<br />
2. Mount Carmel and the Hope of Heroes<br />
3. Mount Hermon and the Dreams We Dream<br />
4. The Mount of Olives and the Specter of Triumph<br />
5. Complex Trauma in the Garden of Gethsemane<br />
6. Golgotha and the Silence of God<br />
7. Whispers at Mount Sinai<br />
8. Homecoming at Galilee<br />
9. Land of My Sojourn: I&apos;m Still Here<br />
Mike Cosper is the director of podcasting for Christianity Today, where he hosts The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill and Cultivated. Mike also served as one of the founding pastors at Sojourn Church in Louisville, Kentucky, from which he launched Sojourn Music, a collective of musicians writing songs for the church. He is the author of several books, including Recapturing the Wonder and Rhythms of Grace. He lives in Louisville with his wife and two daughters.

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