Posthuman Pedagogies in Practice

Posthuman Pedagogies in Practice

Arts based Approaches for Developing Participatory Futures

von: Annouchka Bayley

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Verlag: Palgrave Macmillan
Format: PDF
Veröffentl.: 13.02.2018
ISBN/EAN: 9783319709789
Sprache: englisch

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This book investigates transdisciplinary, arts-based approaches to developing innovative and pertinent higher education pedagogy. Introducing timely critical thinking strategies, the author addresses some of the key issues facing educators today in an increasingly complex digital, technological and ecological world. The author combines emerging ideas in the New Materialism and Posthumanism schools of thought with arts-based teaching and learning, including Practice-as-Research, for Social Science contexts, thus exploring how this approach can be used to productively create new pedagogical strategies. Drawing on a rich repertoire of real-life examples, the volume suggests transferrable routes into practice that are suitable for lecturers, researchers and students. This practical and innovative volume will appeal to researchers and practitioners interested in Posthuman and New Materialist theories, and how these can be applied to the educational landscape in future.
Chapter 1. Introduction

Part I. Entangling Concepts with Practices

Chapter 2. 21st Century Teaching and Learning

Chapter 3. Deterritorialisation, Diffraction and Transdisciplinarity: Investigating Arts-Based Approaches for Complex Pedagogies

Part II. Entangling Practices with Concepts

Chapter 4. First Experiments: Deterritorialising Critical Issues in Law & Management, a Compulsory Undergraduate Module

Chapter 5. Entanglements of City, Self and Subject: Posthuman and Performance-Based Approaches to Doctoral Learning in Venice

Chapter 6. The Copenhagen Project: Spectres of Learning and Participation in the Course That Was/n’t

Chapter 7. Conclusions / Beginnings


Annouchka Bayley is Researcher at the University of Warwick, UK.  She has published several works on education, performance studies and posthumanism.
Explores how arts-based approaches can be used to develop Higher Education pedagogies relevant for posthuman futuresExplores how posthuman theories can be employed within institutions to help them prepare students for participatory futuresSets out a transdisciplinary approach grounded in posthuman and new mateiralist concepts

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