Readability (2/2)

Readability (2/2)

Birth of the Cluster text, Introduction to the Art of Learning.
Ars Discendi, Band 1 1. Aufl.

von: - Annandreas

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This book is the second part of the two-part book Readability - Birth of the Cluster text, Introduction to the Art of learning, i.e. do not forget the first part!

This book is the definitive guide to reading and learning - or to learn about philosophy, science, and pedagogy. After having read this book, you should have become a better reader and learner, and you should also know a little more about philosophy. Hence, this book could also be seen as a general introduction to philosophy. It can be seen in its content:

Part One (524 pages).
1. Reading instructions (25).
2. Pedagogical psychology and pedagogical points (87).
3. Power analytics - an initial relationship to Foucault (52).
4. Phenomenology and the birth of the cluster text (81).
5. Critical hermeneutics and knowledge about reading (102).
6. Micro power learning (learn how to write cluster text) and techniques of discipline (29).
7. Deconstruction and the text in society (62).
8. Positivism and the scientific method (63).

Part Two (516 pages).
9. Philosophy, Morality, Knowledge (220).
10. The non-history of the cluster text (30).
11. Ars Legendi - reading and learning (125).
12. Introduction to Ars Discendi - Are texts wrongly written? (60).
Appendix I, II and III. (60).

This two-part book (1040 pages) is part of a bundle of books that you can use to learn about texts and reading. The others are Are Texts Wrongly Written? (130 pages, 2018), Typographic Manual (170 pages, 2021) and Typographical Investigations (450 pages, 2022?). The two shorter books can be seen as summaries of the two longer ones. Note, for all these books, that the cluster text style is not reflowable and that you need a screen where you can read a line length of 95 characters (i.e. narrow screens are inappropriate).
- Annandreas:
Annandreas is the author of the first books on cluster text: Readability 1/2 and 2/2 (2021), Are texts wrongly written? (2018), Typographic manual, (2021) and Typographical investigations (2022?).

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