Schola Ludens Europaea

Schola Ludens Europaea

Papers Dedicated to Roland Naul
1. Aufl.

von: Claude Scheuer, Dennis Dreiskämper

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This collection of essays celebrates the 70th birthday of Professor Roland Naul. The chapters, written by colleagues and friends, illustrate the development of sport and physical activity research over four decades. They give an overview and update of relevant fields that determined the academic work of Roland Naul and new insights. The chapters have been grouped under the following aspects: Roland Naul as Schola Ludens Europaeus, with a focus on his special fields of interest and research; general education and sport education including the relationship between sport pedagogy and social pedagogy; old and new challenges for the Olympic Games movement, as described from the perspective of different countries; health-enhancing physical activity (HEPA), a key policy area which Roland Naul has helped shape in the European Union; and finally, sport policy on a local level. This commemorative publication acknowledges the merits of Roland Naul for European studies in physical education and youth sports, as well as for the sport policy context in Europe.
Dr. Dennis Dreiskämper, senior lecturer at the Institute of Sport and Exercise Sciences (IfS) at the University of Münster, Germany. After studying Sport Science, Physical Education, Latin and History (Master of Education and state examination), dissertation within the research training group "Trust and Communication in a digitized World" of the German Research Foundation with a thesis about "the Trustworthiness of Anti-Doping work of Sport Federations". Presently program coordinator for the scientific and international study programs at the IfS as well as habilitation about "The development of the physical self-concept across childhood". Since 2010 working together with Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Naul in diverse research projects (e.g., Healthy Children in Sound Communities, SpoGaTa, evaluation of the ZIEL campaign of the dsj, EuPEO, Healthy Growing): His research interests are physical self-concept, motor development and physical activity in childhood, motivation, doping and trust.

Claude Scheuer works at University of Luxembourg for the research unit ECCS (Education, Culture, Cognition and Society) in the Institute for Applied Educational Sciences (AES) and teaches on the primary school teacher education programme (BScE: Bachelor of Educational Sciences), this after having worked before as a PE teacher in primary and secondary school for 13 years. His research is focused on basic motor competences of children and adolescents and on PE curriculum development. He is member of the board of the Luxembourgish teacher association (APEP) and since 2011 the president of EUPEA (European Physical Education Association), which is the umbrella organization for more than 30 European PE teacher associations. In addition to this, he is the Vice-Delegate for Luxembourg for FIEP-Europe (Fédération Internationale de l'Education Physique) and since 2013 Executive Board Member in ICSSPE (International Council of School Sports and Physical Education). In 2015, Claude Scheuer co-founded CEREPS (Conseil Européen de la Recherche en Éducation Physique et Sportive) together with Professor Roland Naul.

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