The Jesus Clone

The Jesus Clone

Christianity Explained

von: Emory Williams Jr.

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Verlag: Westbow Press
Format: EPUB
Veröffentl.: 25.05.2021
ISBN/EAN: 9781664233843
Sprache: englisch
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<p><br> In today’s modern society many people are turned off religion for a variety of reasons. This is very understandable when you consider all the different denominations and all the different teachings.<br> <br> Many pastors today do not teach what the Bible says, they teach their church doctrines. Most people believe what they have been taught, not what the Bible actually says. For example, consider what you have been taught about sin. Can you say you really understand it? Sin is clearly explained in chapter six.<br> <br> What about life after death? A popular teaching is if you “give your heart to Jesus” your immortal soul will go to heaven for eternal bliss. If you don’t, your soul will be tormented forever in the fires of hell. The Bible does not teach that! You will learn why in chapter eight. The author separates Bible fact from “church” fiction and shows that we should repent and turn to God because He loves us, not out of fear of eternal torment in hell.<br> <br> Using an abundance of scripture references, as well as personal speculation, the author paints a picture that makes sense. It may increase your faith in God and bring you peace in these troubling times. If you are seeking answers about the purpose for your life, this book may be what you need.</p>
If you want to understand Christianity, and the purpose for your life, this book may have the answers you seek, without religious bias.

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