The Social Intranet: Encouraging Collaboration and Strengthening Communication

The Social Intranet: Encouraging Collaboration and Strengthening Communication

How to Become Mobile and Effective in the Cloud with a Social Intranet

von: Martin Seibert, Robert Bradley

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Few things are as fundamental in business as Communication At a time when routines are being displaced by automation and everything is just "a project," employees often feel uninformed, and companies feel like piles of chaos. Face-to-face meetings, emails, and phone calls are holding the enterprise together in a makeshift way, as if tied together with twine. Internal politics is not only the order of the day, but a fundamental tool for effectiveness.
Board members as well as employees who simply want to get meaningful work done are becoming more and more frustrated. You're saying to yourself that there must be a better way! Others are coping, so, yes, you can too.
You don't have to master the entire New Work toolbox to ensure that all employees know what's going on. Your business doesn't have to depend on meetings, emails, and telephone calls. You don't have to "abuse" these three things in your company for every use case. Yes, you can try to drive a project using an Excel spreadsheet and daily meetings. You can try, but it won't work and you'll have to bear the entire effort alone.
This book will show you how every day we help all sorts of organizations, from small companies to really big corporations, to escape from the seemingly simple but toxic communication traps. It presents use cases that will help your projects to become effective and successful while still paying attention to sustainability and the health and well-being of your employees.
These are not magic formulas. And it takes effort to break the ingrained routines of toxic Communication But doing so is worth it.
This book is practical. It names products. It praises and criticizes. It talks about costs. It guides. It is transparent. It has video demonstrations and examples. It includes customer interviews. You don't need to know anything about technology, and you don't need any prior knowledge. The book will appeal to IT professionals as well as internal corporate communications experts and business analysts.

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